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I know quite a bit about both console and PC hardware.

What you don't seem to realize is that simulation technologies are advanced.
All games everywhere cheat. They find ways to fake realism.

The physics in Crysis are a joke. Every object is by default hovering in the air until an external force affects them so in other words, their destructible shacks are glorified cardhouses. That's the kind of faking games use to not strain hardware because while simply recreating reality would be an easy task, it is too heavy on hardware to be feasible.

If you break a tree in Crysis, it just splits into two pre-fabricated parts. If you break a tree in The Force Unleashed, it actually calculates how these parts would look and behave in real-time. It is dynamically generated.

With both AI and physics generated on the spot in this manner, it's obvious that the hardware requirements are unusually high. The problem here doesn't lie with GPU as you seem to be claiming (Crysis is way heavier on graphics than it is on CPU requirement and the only real CPU drain comes from the provenly bad physics system) but with CPU.
They never said ot looks better than Crysis, they only said it is heavier on hardware. I refer you to my previous long post regarding the difficulty of optimization for PC games ^^

Plus there's the wide audience issue.

(Oh and do note that I do like Crysis a lot. I'm not bashing it, I'm just pointing out that the physics in it are below average in quality)
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