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"I'm sorry," Chasi told Kyr'am, "but these certain Jedi you're looking for are nowhere near me. I sincerely tried my best, but the Force was silent."

"Oh..." the only word Kyr'am could say as he fell into a chair," t-thank you for trying" he managed to add.

"This is stupid," grumbled Nylen, whose stomach growled softly. "The Jedi are enemies of the Empire, so the only reason this Clone would be looking for them is to kill them. Besides, why would a Jedi be so dumb as to remain on Coruscant? To find a place to hide? I don't think so--not with the whole city-planet crawling with Stormtroopers and Imperial Officers. I think the real reason he brought us here is to try and conscript us, even though he said he wasn't going to in class. I'm going to set things straight, all right?"

Kyr'am never ever yelled at anyone when he wasn't in combat but this remark got him very angry. The girl then did a cheer which only got him madder. He stood up and pointed his blaster at her.

"Now you listen here, those jedi are my friends and don't you dare call them stupid! Bardan Julisk is a very good jedi and so his Etain. She's smart, funny, and she's very very pretty. Do you know what its like to shoot your friends because someone forces you too!?!? Do you really think we clones want to do this!?!?" Kyr'am realized he had a blaster pointed at a student and quickly put it away.

"I'm sorry... I truly am its just been hard this past year for me. If you still want to hear my story I'll tell it and if not I understand." He looked right at the girl with force powers, "As for you don't ever do what you did in public again, keep yourself hidden. Any other clone or trooper would have either forced you to come with them or killed you right on the spot. Don't share your force powers with anyone or they will kill you. I won't report your abilites back to base and I don't want to recruit either of you. You shouldn't suffer the same pain I have... its just not right."
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