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Very well, I will avoid directing remarks towards the poster from now on.

Comments such as "Oy! Here we go again... canon... that mysterious thing that gives people the authoritah to tell others they don't know crap. "
And "I will ignore the 'canon' debate... as they are fruitless to participate in."
Show you are clearly NOT interested in discussing the subject of canon. Had your comments been more constructive, or more clearly defining your view of the matter I would never have directed any comment towards you instead of your post.
I am interested in everyones views, both conflicting and assertive. I am also open to criticism. I felt your comments were not directed towards me and my opinion, but at Star Wars canon, which I have always taken to be the "truth" as far as the Star Wars Universe goes.

I used a cappitalized "true" due to the significance put on the word by the community.

As to the information provided in those quotes from the book, I can only say that without greater context it does not necassarily point away from my theory. I had always suspected that the threat Revan saw was the threat of a faction of true Sith, due in part to Canderous saying it was the Sith who came to the Mandalorians with to suggest war with the republic. Since Exar Kun was defeated some 20 or so years prior to this, it seemed apparent that another Sith threat existed.
As to your second quote, it all really depends on whether these writings were directly related to Revans search, or whether it was a result of her own search, that may have taken a seperate branch to Revans. If it is directly related to Revans search, than it seems more likely the true/True Sith are a species after all, not the Cult.

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