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Originally Posted by rictus135 View Post

Comments such as "Oy! Here we go again... canon... that mysterious thing that gives people the authoritah to tell others they don't know crap. "
And "I will ignore the 'canon' debate... as they are fruitless to participate in."
Show you are clearly NOT interested in discussing the subject of canon.
My post you were quoting has nothing to do with canon... even remotely. Neither did the conversation it came from really.

And yes canon debates are fruitless... and many end up closed or heated with many ruffled feathers.

Originally Posted by rictus135 View Post
Had your comments been more constructive, or more clearly defining your view of the matter I would never have directed any comment towards you instead of your post.
There is no reasonable way you should ever direct rude comments like that to another poster. There is nothing remotely justifiable in what you did... period.

Originally Posted by rictus135 View Post
I am interested in everyones views, both conflicting and assertive. I am also open to criticism.
Your reactions towards me here clearly state otherwise.

Edit: But enough of this, back on topic folks...

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