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The only way to run a "short cut" would be to use an autoexec.cfg, as from my experience I don't think that shortcuts (or aliases as they are called on a mac) don't work like .bats and wouldn't activate files for a game. Unfortunatly, I've already tried this, by typing:
helpusobi 1
set fs_game "ojpenhanced"

helpusobi 1 set fs_game "ojpenhanced"

into a autoexec.cfg, and it seems that fs_game is write protected ( ), meaning that it wouldn't work anyway.

I think what we need is for someone to port the .dlls so that they will run on a mac, as none of the features that ojp is famous for (saber combat, customization, dodging, etc) are working when I run the mod. All I get is its fancy menus, which are all over the place and some of which the text is missing.

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