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Originally Posted by Aku View Post
If you break a tree in Crysis, it just splits into two pre-fabricated parts. If you break a tree in The Force Unleashed, it actually calculates how these parts would look and behave in real-time. It is dynamically generated.
Is that why whenever I throw my lightsaber at a crate, it always splits down the middle into the same halves, no matter where my lightsaber hit it? Is that why only the prefabricated **** glued to the walls was interactive, and even a simple railing was utterly invincible to my onslaught?

There was nothing in the PS3 demo that revealed anything even remotely close to what you described. Furthermore, this still doesn't justify the '$4000 PC' BS. What exactly is in this fictional PC they're describing? Nvidia already has its physics front covered, and quad-core processors are a dime a dozen, yet few games come close to utilizing them.

What was 'DMM' used for in the demo? Using force push on doors, throwing stormtroopers, and the 3 different styles of boxes that littered the place. Sometimes they were glued to walls, but mostly they were just lying around.

Finally, who cares if it's cheating if it's unnoticeable? It's also cheating when I don't render things that the player can't see. Does that mean there's something to be gained by rendering the entire level at the same time, irrespective of the player's position?

Why would a PC be able to handle better gameplay? Why is there gameplay that only a PC could handle?
Maybe you never noticed, but console games are by and large made to appeal to morons. You could get away with a niche 'intelligent' game on the PC and sell well, whereas you couldn't do that on consoles.

Since the game is designed around the use of these technologies to the extent they are used, any watering down would be easily spotted. Just imagine if force pushing open the doors would look exactly the same no matter what direction you push from. Anyone who has read about the game would notice that it had been removed.
Same with Euphoria. If they were to remove it, it'd be clear as day that they had as soon as you'd start using Force Grip.
If they only were to remove certain things from these technologies, they would probably appear unfinished or glitchy at times and that would, again, make people complain.
This was so profoundly stupid I don't even know how to respond to it. Let's not make a game because pointless visual flair might have to be reduced optionally, and people might notice, and complain that higher spec machines can enable these optional features?

When has that ever occurred in the history of gaming, ever?

What, you don't think Xbox tards are going to cry because the PS3 version looks better too?

If anything, that speaks of how moronic the developers are, that they seemed to have plans to utterly exclude an 'OPTIONS' screen from the PC version.

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