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Nope, he has set events but not how you think, he gives us a choice, do what we want, and he doesn't know what you'll do, or you can follow God's plan for your life. Which is about serving him and having a life filled with Joy, Happiness, but not easy, it's not always easy to serve God. Jesus knew Judas would turn him in, he had to, to make the prophesy true, but, he didn't have to hang himself, he could've asked for forgiveness and become a great apostle but he did things the way he wanted and went to hell because of that. If Judas was the savior, then he would've have died for us, no he died for his guilt. Jesus died for us, now how many witnesses do you need to believe that Jesus did raise from the dead?
Well of course Jesus knew.
According to recent discovery, Jesus was the one who told Judas to turn him in in the first place. And I don't mean the thing when he said that "Before the sun set" and all that "one of you will betray me" stuff.

I mean, literally telling Judas to turn him in.

If he didn't, he would have disobeyed the command of God, and probably burned in hell for taht too.

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