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This thread offends me.

Or it amuses me. I can't tell.

Mimartin has it right: true respect has to be earned. However that doesn't mean that people should not behave respectfully toward one another. The problem, as I see it, is that we are quick to wag our fingers at some forms of disrespect (real or imagined) but completely disregard others. For example, it's okay to lie, but it's not okay to point out when someone is lying. I'm all about the tree-hugging and the kumbaya and the hey hey hey but I think we have, first and foremost, an obligation (that's right, a duty) to intellectual rigor. Yes, the law of the land is that it must all be "friendly", but let's all make sure that we agree that no one is being "friendly" when they lie (just ask Kant).
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