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Jedi Knight after 11 years

So, I just got done with beating Jedi Knight again. I haven't played all the way through (or gotten far in it at all) since it originally came out. I've been on a classic game run lately because of the dearth of good new titles. I also finished Dark Forces several months ago.

Anyway, while the graphics are "retro" these days, I still like the look of the game. I especially like the atmosphere and how open everything feels. LucasArts really tried to go bigger and better with everything in this game and it really shows. It's just amazing how expansive it feels at times. We don't get that in very many games today. In some ways I definitely think that this game is superior to JK2. It's certainly not worse aside from the "olden graphics" and perhaps the saber combat (it's not like JK2 has perfect saber combat either.)

I have to complain about a couple of things though. For one, the saber combat is just terrible. They really should have tried harder on that. It's not too awful for killing the helpless stormtroopers, but saber duels are just completely terrible. I also really wish they'd gone with an original soundtrack as with Dark Forces instead of the tired, heard-a-zillion-times JW soundtrack. I can't help but feel that going the Jon Williams route is just the cheaper way. They coulda skipped the goofy FMV cutscenes and paid Clint Bajakian to make some original music instead. At least they did mix it up well to enhance the atmosphere. It does loop noticeably at times though.

I'm working on JK2 again now. Going to get to Mysteries of the Sith too.
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