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Yeah, I kind of wonder if the "true sith" thing isn't some kind of phony build up.

--Like what you must face alone on the outer rim, where you cannot take (with you) the ones you love...

Sounds like inner demons possibly. Facing oneself. .....just thought I'd throw it out there.

Frankly I'm just as puzzled as anyone else, I guess.

Perhaps in order to have things play out in the future the way they did: Darth Rivan, Darth Bane and the rule of two, Jedi Vs Sith war, Ruusan Reformation, and all that; the force had to lead away the only ones who could possibly prevent it from playing out that way...

Why wouldn't they just obey the will of the force if they were canonically light sided?
Simply, it's revan and the exile...duh... so I seriously doubt they'd sit idly by and just let it all happen. Sort of like divine intervention, the force drew them away because the galaxy needed to re-strengthen itself BY itself.

Again just a suggestion.

Though there was a sith species, is it not possible they died out and went extinct?
I doubt they'd be *necessarily* or absolutely any more evil than other sentient species by nature. But I could be wrong.

The charicature given them is that these creatures are powerful, blind, malleable, left handed (morally & literally) and destined for evil.
The pics on wookieepedia I seen of them look almost indian/asian/arabic.

I'm no sympathizer of their extremism, or any other. However, I absolutely resent the whole "left handed is absolutely evil" Notion. I'm left handed.

Back to my point, the species is either extinct and a sinister figure is in the ranks--possibly more powerful than revan and exile combined, or the species is in hoards...and their leaders are still just so powerful.

It's a tossup. Rakatadark, I would agree the ambiguity would make it interesting. If it is to be more well written than the previous episode, we'll need to find out eventually.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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