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"Well, that's a relief," smiled Nylen sarcastically, rolling her eyes. "He's not planning on conscripting us after all. I guess that means we can go?" Chasi shook her head at her best friend, ashamed and afraid for her. Nylen's most potent weapon was her mouth, and it could yet cause her annihilation.

"What?" asked Nylen after a moment, placing a hand on her almost-invisible hip. "You actually want to join the Empire, or listen to this Clone babble on about his two Jedi friends that he was forced to kill? There's something that we humans have called willpower, the ability to resist temptation and refuse to do something morally wrong. I guess Clones don't have it, which wouldn't surprise me because they're only copies anyway. Copies of an original which wasn't so attached to the Light or the right side of a cause, anyway. Come on. Let's go to lunch, and then we can ask for a pass to take the rest of the day off. Goodbye, guest speaker, and please don't let the door hit you where the Force split you on the way out!" She let out several guffaws and signaled to Chasi. "Coming?"

Chasi shook her head once more. "You go ahead. I'm planning to listen."

Nylen's violet eyes grew wide. "It's propaganda, Chasi! Don't be so stupid! Whatever he's planning to tell you, it'll make you want to join the Empire!" Now it was her turn to shake her head. "I can't believe you. I'm going now." She turned toward the door and said, "Evil is evil is evil, no matter if it's dressed in a Clone suit or an Emperor's uniform. It has to be fought and destroyed, or at least resisted. I thought you'd be stronger than this."

Once Nylen had departed from the empty classroom, Chasi turned to the Clone. "Forgive her, Alpha Commander," she said, "even though in this case, you really don't have to. My best friend, even though she is my best friend, is all body and mouth--no brain. She doesn't consider the ramifications of what she's saying, and all she cares about is what's to her own benefit. I've seen her talk back to teachers, principals, everyone--without principles to back her up, her talk of 'evil is evil is evil' notwithstanding." She paused for a moment, motioning for the Clone to sit down across from her. "Tell me about the Jedi, if you would," she began. "You were about to, I believe."
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