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Originally Posted by Boba Rhett View Post
At the time, the saber combat was awesome. And the Williams music they used in it is actually a big plus for me.
Yeah I know what you mean. I remember how exciting it was back in the day because it was the first game ever to have first person saber combat. Way back then I was also a fan of the SNES Star Wars movie games because they had fun saber combat too.

And as you said, the Williams music is not really a downside that much at all. It is a major part of the feel of the game. The sound engineers did a great job mixing the various themes to make the game very atmospheric. However, Clint Bajakian did such an awesome job with Dark Forces and he was a big part of the fantastic work on TIE Fighter. I always like to hear what a new composer can do with the Star Wars themes and feel. Shadows of the Empire was great too in that way. And KOTOR 1/2, of course.

Originally Posted by Ma ping View Post
Jedi Knight's lightsaber combat was actually pretty good for the time period. I liked JK for the solid storyline and live-action cutscenes (the only other game with live-action scenes was Rebel Assault 2, which I also have). I had just as much fun playing MotS, probably since the puzzles were more tricky and the locales looked pretty good, too
Yeah some of the cutscenes are pretty good, but the actor playing Katarn is very uneven in his skills and gets pretty cheesy at times. I think the FMV does somewhat help present the story, but I also think that the way games like Half Life do it is much better. Presenting the story to the player from within the game instead of a video is dramatically more effective for maintaining immersion and making the player feel influential and in control. Not that the FMV doesn't have its own unique entertainment value, of course.

Originally Posted by GeneralPloKoon View Post
I would like to play DF2 but its soo rare and expensive for such an old game!
If you are a fan of the series, you need to get the older games. DF and DF2 led to sequels for a reason.
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