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"Kissai and Massassi are two subspecies of the original Sith race of Korriban. The Kissai are the priests and spiritual leaders who indoctrinate their comerades in the teachings of the Sith. The Massassi are ferocious, selfless soldiers led by the great Sith Lords." -- Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

There is a whole background story to both speices. Massassi and Kissai end up leaving Korriban and resettling on Yavin IV and Ziost. There is more to the story, but I have to finish reading it through.

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I know that I've posted many very different theories in this and other threads on the subject already, but I'm not committed to any one theory as the subject at hand is very ambiguous.
True. Very true. There is so much to the expanded universe. Once you think a mystery has been solved, another fact or piece is added to the mix.
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