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Originally Posted by Arcesious View Post
The thing about Lucasforums I like is that it's full of friendly people. But also a few less than great people... The thing I don't like is that it has gotten pretty strict lately... I know, I know... The PG-13 rule...
We haven't been any more strict on PG-13 content than we were before, but I have noticed you pushing the line more than you did a year ago.

Originally Posted by Arcesious
Honestly, I'm getting tired of that rule, and the 'liveliness' of debates seems to have degenerated.
I'm sorry you're tired of the rule, but Aristotle and the other owners have worked very hard on LF's relationship with LucasArts, and we're not about to jeopardize that relationship so that you can exercise your new-found desire to use expletives or post mature content. The owner wants it PG-13, and I'm going to do my best as moderator to keep it the way he wants.

Originally Posted by Arcesious
The new features have been great, but I'm just getting a little... I dunno... Tired of this place. :/
There are lots of places on the internet that are fun, this one included, but if it's not your kind of fun anymore, I can understand if you feel the need to move on.

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