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I guess that's all understandable then... If I had taken the line of thought "What is/was it like in the eyes of the staff members?" I would probably have thought out whatever I was planning to post here better...

Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
your new-found desire
Erm not so much... I never, on any forum, ever 'said' serious swear words. (As far as I remember.) At most, I'll use this key (between the quotes) "*" to say anything. I was however surprised to find out that certain unserious (IMHO) words I was using were considered expletives. Although after talking with J7 a bit I've agreed to decide not to use obcenities at all here (or anywhere else.)

However, I have seen a bit of a double standard with moderators being able to bend the rules... For example I'll quote El Sitherino:

Originally Posted by El Sitherino
The cuddly-*******.
But after all this, I think I'm now in agreement with the all the rules you've made for this forum...

Please feed the trolls. XD
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