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There are still memorials to Pearl Harbor every year.
Bigger ones on anniversaries that are multiples of 5 or 10.
But the war that Pearl Harbor got us into was essentially over, and the enemy vanquished before the 5th anniversary took place.

So I'm not sure that is such a great example.

But I understand your point. My mother was saying the same thing earlier tonight.

The thing that gets me about most of the discussions about the day of 9/11 is how some people have the attitude of "How DARE anyone feel they have the right to attack us!"

Which, is pretty much how I felt in the minutes, hours, days just after the event.

Now I feel more like: "Just what makes us so special that we are above that level of hatred against us?"

Before I learned about the events that took place after 9/11, I might have had an answer for that.

Now I'd be hard pressed to come up with one.

We have done some fairly indefensible things in the name of defending liberty for our country. Things that if another nation or group did to any of our citizens, we would be totally outraged over.

Sometimes it takes remembering on a day like this to think about these issues again.

In that way, memorializing this day has it's advantages.

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