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Coruscant Entertainment Center

Ace's High

Alternate Universe during ANH at the battle of Yavin:

All in all a good beginning. The only complaints I had were technical addressed below.

I tagged this as a AU because the Death Star was alone at Yavin while Executor was flagship at the Battle of Endor, where she was destroyed. If she had been there the Rebels would have run. Besides the anti-fighter weapons of the ship, she herself could have easily have completed the mission of destroying the Rebel base herself. She just would not have been able to devastate the entire planet with one shot.

Technical note: Read Expert Forum Post 25 regarding fighter craft unit size. 70 craft would be a wing, not a squadron. Executor in other words carries 2 fighter wings of 3 squadrons with 216 pilots.

Plus 1000 meters is a kilometer, about .64 miles. While this is a good distance normally, Executor herself is 8 kilometers in length. A ship’s captain would be leery of moving this close to a battle station that large. Besides, a Tie fighter can cover the same distance in less than a second, so a close approach would not be necessary.

Perevospitanie (Re-Education)

Post TSL part 17 of Vremya series: Bastila begins her takover

An interesting read. I know what you speak of Tys, Rand loathed the ‘man on the white horse’ phenomenon in history, and I for one agreed. A very good section.

Pick of the week.

A Soul Adrift

8 years before the Battle of Naboo: On Ryloth a new birth may herald the future.

This is an excellent first work. You and your Beta deserve commendations. The story is well laid out, the first chapter intriguing enough. Only one thing mars it. Ryloth is reportedly tidally locked, with the people living in caves along the terminator line.

Welcome to the forum.

Pick of the Week.

Camo-Man 07

Post KOTOR: Trapped with alcohol, and angry women outside the door!

You shouldn’t use things specifically linked to Earth, as in Mike’s Hard Lemonade. You also used a homonym that didn’t match.

That being said I broke up laughing when I read the end. I agreed with the other reviewer; what did those colors mean? Second, was it all about the booze?

Welcome to the forum.

Pick of the Week


Somewhere during the Game era, though it is not clear exactly when: The dissolution of A Jedi is categorized by his journal entries.

An interesting piece, though I had trouble following it. The view of this person’s mind was both intriguing and disturbing. I do wonder as he did if you grow to something else or merely die.

Eagle's First Flight

No specific section of the Game era: A pair of heroes and their sentient ship depart on their second adventure.
The basic idea, as others said is a bit farfetched. Actually what I accepted was the AI creation, but the rest lagged. If I had done it, I would have had the AI stay quiet until the ship was finished, though have clues (Such as having systems that are out of calibration seem very easy to set, that kind of thing) of it’s existence.

As an example I created a sentient computer in my Sci Fi Novel Odyssey where things didn’t work (They were trying to shut down an out of control reactor but the robot aboard (Which would not have the specs on the system) told them they had to wait until the reactor was back to normal output.

Pick of the Week


A Brief Reunion

KOTOR Enroute to Tatooine: Nightmares plague our heroine… but is it nightmare or memory?

The piece was a unique view of the human mind. Wondering why someone would murder a one time friend so casually makes her question not only what Revan had become, but what she will become in the fullness of time.

Pick of the Week.

Dark Origin: Prologue
Tasca Lumina

TSL on Malchor V: As the Exile faces Kreia, the others find their own levels.

You forgot conversation breaks through most of it causing my reading to slow down. No biggie, a mere editing problem.

The piece is good, covering everything from Mira to the Traya Core, and gives us a good insight into all of the characters. I especially loved the fight between Mical and Atton because breaking Atton free of that cycle of hate made perfect sense.

Pick of the week.

Cantina Scoundrel
Exile Faline

TSL on Nar Shaddaa: Upset by Atton’s behavior, the Exile forces him to make a move. Now she’s not sure if she regrets that or not.

The scenes are stock but well handled. The end very nice.

Pick of the Week

A Shared Vision, Chapters 1 and 2

PreKOTOR: Revan discusses who to choose as his new apprentice

The story is good because we now get depth to characters that began two dimensional in KOTOR. To see both Revan and Malak as tireless defenders of the status quo makes me wonder what part of the Mandalorians wars caused their individual falls.

Pick of the week.

Malak's Thoughts

PreKOTOR: In the final battle, Malak remembers before the adventure began.

The story is not only well worth the read, it’s great!

Pick of the Week.

An Exile's Lethargy

Post TSL: The Exile tries to leave alone, but an old man shows her the way.

The story started out merely interesting. Being unable to get drunk (And the explanation for that was choice) was bad enough but a dose of Jolee on top of that along with his explanation for how prophesy works made it a riot!

Pick of the Week.

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