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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
Must be missing the actual irony part.

But yes I do agree that respect should be a two way street, however since you cannot control the other(well technically you can since you are a mod, but still....) the best option is to treat the other with respect first, until they show that they do not deserve the respect. Or more to the topic, just be nice. You don't have to respect someone to be nice.
No, I just have a hard time not commenting on something. I like to poke around at standards. The way I see it, this section is basically for posting facts. Either your facts counter someones ideal or they don't, either way you should never have ill intent with your post. That's just my personal philosophy and I never try to take this place seriously. I prefer imagining that I'm just goofing around with some friends, hoping at the end everyone will be okay talking with one another peacefully with no irritation. Any judgement or anything taking place in a post, takes place in that post.

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