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Originally Posted by Arcesious View Post
Erm not so much... I never, on any forum, ever 'said' serious swear words. (As far as I remember.) At most, I'll use this key (between the quotes) "*" to say anything. I was however surprised to find out that certain unserious (IMHO) words I was using were considered expletives. Although after talking with J7 a bit I've agreed to decide not to use obscenities at all here (or anywhere else.)
Any words I changed, would be because when working as PE technician, and teaching young people, they are words which would have brought disciplinary procedures against me had I used them. As such, that is why I didn't consider them appropriate for a PG-13 procedure. I hope that clears that up

Originally Posted by Arcesious View Post
However, I have seen a bit of a double standard with moderators being able to bend the rules... For example I'll quote El Sitherino:

But after all this, I think I'm now in agreement with the all the rules you've made for this forum...
There is a slight difference between language being starred out, and that on display - though it depends on many different variations, context used, discussion etc. Some of my favourite comedy shows have lots of swearing in, but I can't post them in forum.

Originally Posted by El Sitherino View Post
Explain to me how there is a double standard? I haven't remove any language from peoples posts, nor has anyone enstated that curse words are off bounds. There's a censor for a reason, as well people are allowed to enter in personality into a post as long as there is point and reason to their post. If you disagree with my personality then tell me so, I'll refrain from making referencial humor and jokes in general.

That's cool, I've always found it ironic that people have a hard time differentiating between serious topics and serious posting. You can discuss a serious topic without having a serious attitude. Sometimes taking life less serious is a good thing.

I also enjoy that you simply quote my reference and don't quote my post which was well worded and detailed that if there is an issue with a deleted post there are places to take that, and there is a place to read where and why things may be done (the rules thread). Before attempting to demonize me, perhaps it would serve you to understand what type of person I am. I attempt to make the effort to know what type of person you are and I attempt to show you respect by providing you with the information you seek, how about showing me the same respect.

After all respect is a two-part system, it's like a dance, both parties need to show respect in order for a respectful discourse to take place. Here we treat eachother as civilized people capable of rational and logical thought. To say that someone must first show that is dysfunctional and incorrect, as well it goes against the very purpose of this place. Everyone that enters Kavar's is understanding that this is not Ahto, that's why serious topics have been transfered to their own dedicated forum, just like the Senate's creation so long ago.
Good post Sithy...

Originally Posted by mimartin View Post
So the staff is relieved there is no discussion in a discussion forum? I guess that is one way to prevent disagreements. Please donít stop. I may not agree with you all the time, but I do enjoy how you keep things from getting too serious.
That's not what I mean and you know it

I do think discussion such as this are helpful, as I think it helps us all understand where we are coming from, and hopefully to lessen 'incidents' in the future. Thanks for the discussion y'all.

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