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You've got your Chronology wrong Trigger

The Infinite Empire was in fact dissolved around 25'000 BBY, and The First Jedi Purge took place between 3,955 and 3,951 BBY, But I agree that an Old Republic MMO should take place in the Old Republic .

IMO it would be a good setting if the MMO took place somewhere around the time's of the New Sith wars (Darth Ruin->Early Darth Bane era) around 2000-1000 BBY (which is still within the Old Republic Era, the Rise of the Empire Era begins in 1000 BBY) there's full scale Jedi vs Sith battles, across the whole Galaxy, with Republic army and Mandalorian Involvement, which is a good palette for an MMO style game, But Most Importantly it doesn't Step on my beloved KotOR's toes, lets leave that time frame for KotOR III hey?

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