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Single player editing woes

I have been making some changes to my single player game for quite some time and have made a lot of things the way I wanted.

I am having some troubles with a few certain things

1. My goal was to make npcs with lightning only capable of using it when
their saber was not ignited, but it appears that the "saberrestrict" does
not work in single player for either the npcs or the player (works fine in
MP just not SP) perhaps there is some other field to be edited I am not

Tried changing "twohanded 1" for the respective sabers and
"g_saberrestricforcepowers 1" in the jaconfig but that would also prevent
push and pull, and I still want them capable or being used when blade is

2. Another problem I am having is that I changed "forceregen" to 1000 on
every npc in the game as well as all of my customs making it take a lot
longer to regen. It has had an affect on me using the npcs (via
playermodel) but no affect on the npcs themselves.

3. Plus the npcs seem to be able to jump over the moon no matter what level
of forcejump they have (though I am betting this cannot be fixed without
SP source editting) No worries I can let this one slide for now

My final question is about class behaviour

4. I have created a Yoda npc and I did give him "saberthrow" but he goes
way overboard on it. I was wondering if there is a class anyone is aware
of that would make him not do it as much, without me having to lower his
rank or decreasing spskill, as I have had no luck so far.

If anyone has any solutions for these problems, I would much appreciate it.
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