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Update Sept 12, 2008

Current drivers:

Nvidia WHQL:

September/October 2008

175.19 (XP x86)

175.19 (Vista x86)

175.19 (Vista x64)

These would be the most common drivers for most of us to use, namely with the 6, 7, 8 and 9 series of GeForce cards, for others, see below...

If you have a 200-series card (GTX260/280), use this for Vista x86:

Check the site or ask if you need ones for XP or Vista x64.

If you have older >6100, FX/MX etc cards, it is suggested you read the release notes before downloading any current version. If you have a Non-Windows OS, please check, of course.

For the adventurous, non-WHQL beta drivers(usually those packaged with new cards or leaked by beta testers). Recommended only if you are after a specifically mentioned bugfix, or are a driver junkie

Courtesy Guru3d

September/October 2008

177.98 (XP x86)

177.98 (Vista x86)

177.98 (Vista x64)

13/8/2008:GeForce Power Pack
For nvidia series 8 or above only. This pack includes a selection of
*PhysX and CUDA enabled drivers v 177.92 (currently not in standard drivers)
*nvidias folding@home client \o/
*Games and tech demos. including an unreal tournament physX mod

ATI Catalyst WHQL
September/October 2008

Catalyst 8.8 (XP x86)

Catalyst 8.8 (Vista x86)

Catalyst 8.8 (Vista x64)

* * *

Vista Codec Pack

FFDshow, Xvid, DivX and common tools. Custom install allows you to select only bits you want.

Current versions and release notes at compilers site

September/October 2008

4.7.3 (Final) VCP for Vista x86
1.5.2 (Final) x64 Components add-on for Vista x64 >>a must for x64 Users! (Install along with the standard VCP)

Site includes links for Quicktime alt add on for VCP and some very useful tools/apps

K-lite Codec Pack

September/October 2008

XP/2000/Vista > 4.1.7 standard, basic, full versions & releases notes >>HERE

Or those that prefer the XP Codec Pack

September/October 2008
XP Codec Pack 2.4.2

* * *

Have fun!

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