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mmm jks surges were far too focal..
specially in bgj. in oasis you could run out surges by being somewhere like the repeater to run them out..
one thing I would like to see changed in jk2 actually.. a nice 2 minute spawn, or just so it doesnt actually give unlimited mana, just replenishes your supply. to make managing mana more important..
10-12 ds a minute for a darky wif surge is damned st00pid.
and supershields need to be rebuilt. so they give some indication youve got it, and with longer spawn times

Although keep the 2 time spawn on all items (ie 1 minute spawn for walkthrough, 1/2 for pulling) its great when you got one layout of powers, and the other player gets anoter route, eg I got surge, he got bacta.. you can flip and pick up the surge, then not go back, the other guy usually falls for it, and runs in to get it, you get the bactas, and then go back to get the surge as well.. very useful is that.
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