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aw darnit... when I saw jmacs name glowing and throbbing with a new post in here, I rushed in thinking he/she had contributed an interesting news story or review for us to read....


In other whirlwind events, MS has rolled out its 'BlueTrack' mouse. Many mouse geeks seem impressed with its speed and agility. Apparently, a gaming optimised version is due in Feb 09...

Those who are ati fanboyz interested in hearing about the new budget card from AMD, check out this review of the HD 4670

In Birthday related news, would ye believe the good ole integrated circuit recently turned 50 Going from producing a waveform on an oscilloscope in 1958 to Crysis at UHD in 2008 has taken trillions of dollars and even more man hours.... Who says technology is moving too fast

However, my lolz of the week goes to the former intel employee who got busted stealing secrets to take to his new employer AMD Apparently, on hearing he was going to work for AMD, suspicious supervisors ordered a log of his system activities... Eventually the FBI raided his house and found all the incriminating stuff..


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