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"I'd like to hear it, and not because of the paper." Chasi turned her head toward the Commander, waiting for him to narrate.


Meanwhile, out in the foyer near the cafeteria, several Sith officers, Clone troopers, and military-minded school personnel were manning tables which held enlistment papers for every single one of the students in the educational facility if they were so inclined. However, not everyone was, including Nylen Moranity. She wandered through the swarms of her fellow schoolmates lining up, shaking her head in embarrassment and revulsion. I can't believe these people, she thought. They're signing their lives away, and for what? Supposedly so they can get their higher education paid for in full, but don't any of them realize that the Empire is counting on all of them getting shot at so that it won't have to pay the bill when--and if--they return from war?

Holding her nose as the stench of processed vegetable matter drew nearer, Nylen hoped she'd at least get to eat a few bland pieces of starchy bread.
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