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Kando stepped into the foyer of the academy, groaning inwardly. The lieutenant had suggested that he make an appearance, as this was projected to be the high point of the recruitment drive at the local academy. So, here the ARC was, poster child for classified operations.

It was patently ridiculous.

He had taken his helmet off, showing the face of Jango Fett. Most of the other Clones had their helmets on - in fact, none of them that he could see were barefaced. People got nervous when they could see many identical faces in the same room. It was fascinating, really.

Kando wended his way through the crowd, not interested in sitting at one of the tables. He wasn't under orders anyway. Inevitably, someone would recognize the symbol on his pauldron and start pestering him for a real autograph from an ARC. Civvies were the same everywhere.
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