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Frustration was becoming a constant state of being for Katri Haalen. Even now that she'd been given a specialized security clearance, certain elements of Imperial Intel were not willing to deal with her. The division Devi had worked for was being particularly difficult.

"I fail to see what this information would do for you, Ms. Haalen," Devi's direct supervisor said stiffly. "Your brother's mission has very little to do with yours."

"My mission is to retrieve Devi and the information he was after, no matter the cost," Katri snapped.

"Which does not indicate that you need to know exactly what he was after."

"It would certainly help," Katri shot back, "especially if Devi turns up dead and I have to go after the information myself."

Ten minutes and a few shouting matches later, Katri learned what her brother had been after... and that he'd last been seen on Coruscant.

"He mentioned brief interaction with a few Sith troops," Devi's supervisor said wearily. Katri had worn him completely out. He passed her a photo. "There. That's your next lead."

Smiling pleasantly, Katri said, "Thank you. I'm out of your hair now." With that, she left, heading back for Coruscant.

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