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Vista Right-Click fun

May be something everyone knew, but I just stumbled across it yesterday..

In Vista.. if you <Shift + Right-Click> in/on a folder, you'll have a new function option "Open Command Window Here". Pretty handy if you do alot of command line functions and don't want to create cmd.exe shortcuts in each folder you use them in (or too lazy to type out the path.. hehehe).

Discovered that one by pure accident.. so curious if there were more, I did a Google search and turned up these other shift + right-click options:

<Shift + Right-Click> on any file and you'll get 3 new options:

-Pin To Start Menu
-Add To Quick Launch
-Copy As Path

<Shift + Right-Click> on any Office document and you'll get a "Open As Read Only" option.

suh-weet since I'm a right-click junkie

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