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Originally Posted by Spidz View Post
So i went to best buy at 10 am and bought the game. popped it in and after i choose the difficulty lvl the games starts. As soon as the first frame appears i get a disc read error saying the disc is scratched yada yada yada. So i run back to best buy and get a replacement. Popped the new game in and at the very same spot i get the same disc error.

Ive tried playing a few other games and even a dvd and they all work fine. Is any one else getting this issue? It seems like its my xbox since two brand new games have an error in the same place... or perhaps the shipment best buy received are defective??? halp!
I have the same problem, just wondering if you have figured anything out.

Returned it, but always says disc unreadable once I try to start a game no matter what difficulty/save slot I try. Everything else seems to work fine. It really sucks because I can still see/hear the game story log going behind this message
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