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Thanks for the reply

Originally Posted by DarthMaulUK View Post
Have you tried to install it?
Everything seems to install fine, but encounter the problems when I start the game, and the startup screen comes up.

Here's what happens when I attempt to play it. First I get a popup box stating:
"Insufficient 3D Hardware detected, do you wish to continue?"

Then I try going ahead and clicking yes, but after a few seconds, the entire screen goes gray, and it seems to lock up and freeze at this point, where my only option is restarting the computer manually.

At first I was thinking I had a graphics card error, so I went searching for what may be wrong. It seems the Graphics card is fine, and the processor was the problem. I went to the following website:

Using it's game-o-meter feature EaW recommended me to run, it told me the "only" thing that wasn't up to speed on my computer was the processor (aka the graphics card was fine).

Not sure if it'll let you see these specs, but here's the link for what it says they are for my machine: )

Originally Posted by DarthMaulUK View Post
If you have and it did install, turn off any background programs before playing, just to free up extra resource
I also just took your suggestion now and made sure everything was shut down and just EaW was running, but the same issues occur as to what I mentioned above here.

Maybe I'm just not closing enough behind-the-scenes stuff on my machine (which is accessible via Ctrl Alt Del, under the applications tab or processes tab, just wasn't sure if I should get into that area and start closing things in there or not).

Originally Posted by DarthMaulUK View Post
You have to be careful as the Celerons are old and if you pick up a new PC with that inside, take it back to the store and demand your money back.
I'll make sure that if (or when) I get a new computer, it won't have a celeron. My current computer is about four or five years old, I'm not exactly sure.
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