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I just got the Gamefly trial. Ever since my sister's boyfriend brought his Xbox 360 over, I've become really addicted to it.

The first game I rented was CSI: Hard Evidence. It was a bit weird to get used to the difference between controls, but once I got used to it I really got into it. I played it in one and a half days instead of several months like 3 Dimensions of Murder. I really liked how they put exclamation points up on the monitors in the lab to let you know evidence was ready to process, as I felt the lab was kind of cumbersome in 3 Dimensions of Murder.

The cases were also more interesting this time. The only case that sticks out in my mind in 3 Dimensions was the case that was modeled after LucasArts' cancellation of Sam & Max Freelance Police. There weren't any tounge-in-cheek cases this time that I noticed, but some of the cases had plot twists that made them more memorable to me.

I hope the makers of the next CSI title continue on with the improvements that Telltale made in the series, because I liked Hard Evidence enough to want to continue on even without Telltale at the helm.

I'll edit this post instead of creating a double post:

I just finished Strong Badia the Free. I was very impressed with this episode. It was much more than a a mere laugh-fest (though there's nothing wrong with that).

This one actually has a compelling storyline and has true character development, yet it still retains the spirit of the flash cartoons. It seems like the Strong Bad episodes are finding their footing as they go on, much like the Season One episodes of Sam & Max. Now I really can't wait for Baddest of the Bands.

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