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Got these for cheap with the last of my Amazon giftcard.

I was tired of having to leave my controllers plugged into my 360 overnight to maybe get them charged fully. So this is nice, being able to fully charge a battery in about 90 minutes. It's usually $30 new, got it for $23, just barely breaking my mental price barrier of $25.

This is pretty much a discontinued mouse that we used to have on my other computer until someone spilled soda all over it, so that got trashed and replaced by a really ****ty new mouse. So I bought a refurb one of these for less than $14 and it's great. The wheel is soft and clicky and it feels great. It's replacing my old non-should button version which is getting a little worn down. I really like this mouse. : )


Funny, my bro and I were out doing some stuff and we decided to go look for Crysis Warhead today. Circuit City had it for $25, but disappointingly didn't have it in stock. Other store searches online later yielded similar results. I knew it was coming out on Steam, but I though it was going to be delayed a few days, but instead I check and there it is on opening day. So this is my second large Steam purchase in the last few days. Luckily my bro got excited about this game too and played though all of the first Crysis in the last three days. So I can make him pay for half, so that's good.

Also, I'm going to go and see Jaime Hyneman and Adam Savage from Mythbusters on October 5th in Seattle. Can't freakin wait... only cost $110.00 for two tickets though... blarg... But yay! :V Got dem tickets.

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