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Finding one Sith soldier on a planet swarming with billions upon billions of people was no walk in the park, Katri decided as she showed the photo of this one man to yet another pompous airhead. For something like the zillionth time, she saw the stupid grin on an idiot's face as he asked something to the effect of, "Lookin' for love?"

Or that's what she thought. But she quickly realized that's not what came out of his mouth. "Eh... come again?" she stammered.

"Chasten Niven," the man repeated. "You're right around the right place. Think I can call him out for you." The stupid grin grew wider. "He your loverboy or somethin'?"

Katri sighed wearily. "Just call him," she ordered sharply.

"May I say who exactly?" The idiot was suddenly determined to be bureaucratic about the whole ordeal. Katri was not in an obliging mood.

"Emperor Palpatine's much-younger-lover," she spat, waving her security clearance in his face. "This tells you that you don't need that information. Now call for Chasten Niven." Glaring up at him, she added, "Or do I need to report you to your supervisor and do it myself?"

That got him moving.

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