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"I'd like to hear it, and not because of the paper."

"Very well then... Kamino was a cold desolate place, very fitting for a clone. There were different kinds of clones I suppose in jedi terms like a padawan, kinght, and master but you can't really switch of what role you are. Most clones were just standard issue soldiers, some of us became ARCs and some of us became clone commandos. There were two kinds of ARCs, Alpha's and Null's; I was an Alpha. Jango Fett, the host of the clones, personally trained the Alpha's himself. I got most of my training from him but I decided to watch the clone commandos, that's where I met the greatest mandalorian to live Kal Skirata. Apparently we Alpha's were seen as the bully type of clones because the commandos were a little startled. I decided to help train the commandos and learn some skills from Kal'burr himself. I learned it wasn't just commandos he trained but the Nulls too. Shortly after there was an attack on Kamino. We ARCs were deployed into combat to defend the others. Kal and I were able to get the Nulls into combat was well and they fought well with their Alpha brothers. We were then deployed into combat finally going to see some real action and off that horrible planet. I had a quick assignment on Qiilura and that's where I met her... Etain Tur-Mukan. Grant it I was too shy to say anything and it was against protocol to do so I believe. After her master was killed I assited her secretly until a squad of commandos took over for me... what a mistake that was. After that I assisted Anakin Skywalker on a mission on one of Naboo's moons. Only the best ARCs assited him in this and I took a nasty saber wound to the gut saving Skywalker's life. It was there I learned that jedi can be good people and actually become your friends. After recovering they sent me on an easy mission I was to assist Commander Gett and his troops..."

Kyr'am suddenly stopped his story remembering something he had blocked out... something bad. He began shaking in his chair and fell onto his knees.

"Order 66... I...I watched her die... killed by a jedi trying to save a clone.... I could have done something... I could have saved her!"
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