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Angry Wii Disc Error

Is anyone else having a problem with The Force Unleashed for Wii not loading? When I try to load the disc, I it takes a while, then makes a lot of seeking noises then the Wii black screens with an "An error has occurred" message. I have four other Wii games that still load without issue.

What I have tried:
- I have verified that my system is up to date.
- I have changed every system setting I can think may possibly affect anything (Internet connection settings, parental controls, video and audio settings etc)
- I have tried cleaning the disc
- I even exchanged the disc for another copy at my local Wal-Mart where I bought it and it still does the same thing!

I cross posted this on Lucasarts' official forum but it's pretty light reading there so I figured I would try to get a thread going here as well. I also submitted an email through their site and will report back with what I hear from them.
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