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well to the guys who say they beat the star destryer, it must not be on the ps3 version. the ship completly rotates back after the you take down the first wave of ties and do the stick toggle thing, i can get the ties down in about 15- 22 sec. The ship completly rotates back and the tie spawner doesn't give me enough time to get to the ship back in to crash statis, the toggles go green and ties are already depleting my life it's like this on all 3 difficulty's. the game is bugged big time. why the heck does the ship rotate back, thats retarded. somettimes it rotates the other way. I've spent 16 hours on this game now, 3 different difficulty's and that lvl is garbage. By the way Nadreth, lighting is good, but grabing the tie's when they get close is much easier and slaming it into another works much faster. A couple of time i've cauaght the destroyer before it rotated all the way back and the ties spawned immediatly.
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