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You forgot Devil May Cry. Especially with the fourth. Hell or hell mode deffinitly not casual. Plus most people think Dante must die mode is hard as hell. Well be prepared to paste epic pain the likes of which you've never seen. I've got to raxus prime today when I was over my friends house. On the tie fighter facility on the catwalk thing. I move a box type thing and throw it at one of kota's men and some how I think it hit the ground. Then it went up and launched him and both hit a tie. I thought it was hilarious.

HK-47:Mockery: "Oh, master, I do not trust! I cannot trust you or anyone ever again!"
Hk-47:Mockery: "Oh, master, I love you but I hate all you stand for, but I think we should go press our slimy, mucus-covered lips together in the cargo hold!"
I have made my own website and is in my details. I am still working on it so more will come in time for it.
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