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Originally Posted by Tanqexe View Post
Yeah this is a nice idea, I remember thinking about expanding Force as a third axis of gameplay instead of limiting it to the current saberist/gunner paradigm. This'll definitely help.

I'm seriously contemplating getting rid of the bubble-based skill point selection screen right now. We can go for something smaller, almost like a power meter of sorts that can "branch out" to indicate the unlocking of different skills. For one, it'll free up a LOT more space to put in powers and have maybe 2 lines for description of powers (this will be a great boon especially for saber style descriptions + skills with extra lvl 3 bonuses). Not to mention it'll look more sci-fi and less Sim City-ish.

Couple ideas, variations on a theme:

Neutral Powers

Force Sense
-Force Sense (lvl 1): Like current Sense 3
-Knight Sense (lvl 2): Displays ally and enemy HP/SP/DP/FP; dodge full charge sniper shot at cost of half your DP (or some large set amount); 115 FP pool
-Master Sense (lvl 3):Knight Sense abilities, dodge full charge sniper shot at cost of 1/4 DP pool (or some more reduced amount); 125 FP pool

Force Resistance (Absorb): Passive power but can be used actively to repel
-Force Resist (lvl 1): Passive Force resistance lvl 1
-Knight Resist (lvl 2): Passive Force resist lvl 2, limited reflection of Force powers (a bit iffy on this, working out this idea)
-Master Resist (lvl 3): Passive Force resist lvl 3, reflect Force powers in wide arc

Force Speed (same as current)
Force Telekinesis (manipulate objects): enables chargeable Push/Pull, increasing level-> increased duration of moving manipulable object (like grip but without the HP damage) - good for moving objects in the path of gunner fire, all the other good stuff we've been experiencing using grip right now.
-Force Push (lvl 1): Like the current lvl 1 except with the force of a current lvl 2, affects 1 person; pushing people into walls and other objects hurts them
-Force Push (lvl 2): Like the current lvl 3, affects multiple people in forward arc
-Force Push (lvl 3): Force Wave, great for crowd control, velocity of current lvl 3 or maybe a little more, closer people are to the epicenter the higher the velocity of push

-Force Pull: Same principle as revised Push, except the fact that you can currently get knocked over a lot needs to be addressed

-Force Jump: Maybe Jump 3 can afford more horizontal forward direction if you do a running jump.

Light Side Powers: These tend to be more team-oriented, defensive powers.

Force Heal: Team heal incl. self, regens HP & DP, effect varies w/ level

Force Valor - Team energize
Temporarily boosts max DP pool, DP/FP regen, effect varies with level
(Lvl 3) Battle Meditation-like effect, extreme version of Team energize
-slightly slows DP/FP regen rates for opposing team in area if they are vulnerable to Force

Mind Trick
Mind Trick (lvl 1): Current Mind Trick lvl 1
(lvl 2): Current Mind Trick lvl 2
(lvl 3): Current Mind Trick lvl 3 - If enemy has deployed sentry or seeker, sentry/seeker will target enemy as well

Force Protect
Like current; reduces HP damage from high velocity impacts, punches; reduces DP damage from blaster bolts and saber strikes; slight increases per level, reduced activation cost & drain per level

Force Stasis: Slows enemy movement for fixed duration
Force Stasis (lvl 1): Slows targeted enemy movement to 85%, 4 seconds
Knight Stasis (lvl 2): Slows enemy movement to 70% in a limited arc and range, 8 seconds
Master Stasis (lvl 3): Slows enemy movement to 65% in moderate arc and range, 10 seconds

Dark Side Powers: These powers are meant to be offensive, not so team oriented but are aimed at attacking multiple opponents at their highest levels

Force Choke: same as current Grip, but a little different
Choke (lvl 1): same as current Grip 2
Choke (lvl 2): same as current Grip 3
Choke (lvl 3): can grip 3 multiple opponents, a hybrid of Grip 2 and 3 - enemies stay in air for about 1 or 2 seconds after end of Grip (this might be too much, the 1-2 sec hovering doesn't have to be there, it's meant to prevent people from immediately jumping out of the way after being temporarily asphyxiated, which doesn't make much sense)

Force Lightning: same as current Lightning but with a few changes
Lightning (lvl 1): Current Lightning 2
Lightning (lvl 2): Current Lightning 3
Lightning (lvl 3): 360-degree AoE lightning, same or shorter range than Lightning 2

Force Drain: Drains enemy FP and replenishes your own at cost of DP
(dependent on enemy Force vulnerability of course)

Force Rage: Faster strikes, regular strikes do extra DP/FP damage; high mishap from getting parried, but mishap cost is slightly reduced with level

Force Scream: Disorients (maybe veeery slight camera jarring) and temporarily increases mishap of enemies if enemy mishap >=5; can show affected duration by associating a shader effect on targets (like what's being used for Mind Trick) - This would be pretty devastating in conjunction with Makashi
I like this idea very much, btw is it possible to make new force powers not only replace?
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