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Man oh man am I not feeling the Lucasarts love right now. Even after providing them with all the information I provided in this thread, I still got a canned answer today. A simple regurgitation of their one-trick FAQ that talks about cleaning the disc and calling Nintendo if you still have problems.

I am not going to repeat their email here, suffice to say that it is summed up here with no additional attempts to actually provide support.

I was REALLY not in the mood for this after what I have been through so far. I shot back as follows:

Don't you just hate when YOU send a support email to someone about something YOU'RE having problems with only to be regurgitated the same vanilla answer from an FAQ that YOU already read?

<their name>. I already read your one article FAQ. I stated VERY PLAINLY in my support request that I cleaned the disc and that I also have FOUR OTHER WII GAMES that continue to function properly. I also STATED CLEARLY that I exchanged the first disc for a second disc at Wal-Mart and the second disc has the same problem.

So let's review shall we?
1) I have tried not one, BUT TWO "The Force Unleashed" Wii discs. BOTH give me errors. BOTH were clean and free of smudges or scratches
2) ALL of my other Wii games (four of them) work without issue. ONLY "The Force Unleashed" does not work.
3) The phone number you are referring me is is Nintendo. NINTENDO did not publish "The Force Unleashed", LUCASARTS did.

I spent $50 of MY hard earned money on YOUR product. Only YOUR product is defective. I expect YOUR company to help me resolve my issue.

I am maintaining a parallel thread on the Lucasforums and on your support site. Please don't waste my time with any more canned answers. It insults both my intelligence and my efforts to provide YOU with a good information to work with.

Yours In Dissatisfaction,
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