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Ok Im done Fing with this game, it is going back. No clue what the problem is, but after some communications with lucasarts about this problem CLEARLY STATING that I have already cleared the cache, tried different game and returned this for a different disk all the said back was, well did you try what you told us you tried? HD in, or out, different gamertags does not matter the game will not work. Lucasarts you failed at this, I dont know if I will ever buy this game again, I was pumped for it to come but now I could care less. I hope someone there reads this and finds out that not only will I not buy this game again, but probably never get another lucasarts game again. I have had many games that they have made and loved most of them, but if they are not willing to help people out when they have problems and just throw generic emails back at that it is poor customer support. Also this is another person spreading these issues out which will now cause more people to not consider their product Well the game is going back now, Im done. Sorry I love Star Wars and have spend a good amount of money on Star Wars products, but I wont deal with this kind of crap!
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