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Originally Posted by jmcmike View Post
Man oh man am I not feeling the Lucasarts love right now. Even after providing them with all the information I provided in this thread, I still got a canned answer today. A simple regurgitation of their one-trick FAQ that talks about cleaning the disc and calling Nintendo if you still have problems.

I am not going to repeat their email here, suffice to say that it is summed up here with no additional attempts to actually provide support.

I was REALLY not in the mood for this after what I have been through so far. I shot back as follows:
If you get another "canned" answer, threaten them with the line "If this issue is not resolved in a peaceful and timely manner, I'm going to file a report with the Better Business Bureau."

Trust me, that will most likely grab their attention IMMEDIATELY. And if they blow you off, call their bluff and literally file a report. Most companies do not like having to deal with the BBB when a customers case is legit.

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