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Originally Posted by DarthZayne View Post
About the "Repetitive gameplay" that a lie too, same thing again if someone hack and slash through the easy modes then actually succeed then that good for them because that wont work on Sith lord or Sith Master trush me you will die in no time you got to mix your force powers and combos to succeed and be very careful
I found the gameplay to be insanely repetitive. Even when I used only Force Powers, it was just Force Push here, Repulse there, Seeker on this dude, and that's about it. The lightsaber combat was by far the most pitiable part of the game. By far. Smashing one button continuosly isn't really my idea of a fun gameplay, nor are the unisnpired (and few) combos.

in some point that game is way harder than God of War.


.Bioshock inspiration.
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