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Originally Posted by Ctrl Alt Del View Post
I found the gameplay to be insanely repetitive. Even when I used only Force Powers, it was just Force Push here, Repulse there, Seeker on this dude, and that's about it. The lightsaber combat was by far the most pitiable part of the game. By far. Smashing one button continuosly isn't really my idea of a fun gameplay, nor are the unisnpired (and few) combos.

1. never used repulse or force push yet againts enemy , because in my opinion its worthless , I creat combos of my own againts enemies,example againts the royal guards im doing the square,square,square then hold circle then square again then I grip and hit on the floor then I force lighting him to death. Dude be creative .

2. Its way harder than god of war , because in god of war you can kill anything with the same old combo even at the hardess difficulty , unlike TFU trust me those ****** jet troopers and Evo troopers are pissing me hardcore.TFU you really need to stop and think of a new strategie because 1 mistake and your dead , example once a AT - ST stomped you just wish that any heavy trooper isn't near at Sith Master because your doomed.
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