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Is there any way around these bugs at all?

When I create a server, I get a message saying: "The sever is running OJP enhanced. The game will crash if you are not running it. You can get the mod at" If i then attempt to play ffa, team-ffa, capture the ysalimari or flag, I find that I cannot play as another message comes up with something like: "ONOEZ, YOU'VE OVER SPENT YOUR POINTS" and refuses to let me join as I have not set my force powers properly.
Is there a way to fix this

Also, the weapons upgrade menu does not work in-game, I cannot set my reload or saber throw buttons and if i open the console, Then I get a whole lot of messages in red complaining that they couldn't load various files in ui/saber.

Other than that, everything else seems fine. Jedi master and holocron work great, and the gameplay seems fine. Just wondering if there's anyway I could reduce the amount of bugs I get. Thanks
An upcoming mod for JA
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