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I am new to this forum, and I just stumbled across this thread. This info will be VERY helpful to those having problems with these codes, hopefully...Anyways, I got the game for Wii early and I have already beaten it a few times and have found all 200 Jedi Holocrons...The way it works on the Wii, you can go look at the Holocrons when you are on your ship...Every one on the far right of each row has a cheat code somewhere in it, whether it be in the corners or the middle or whatever, every far right Holocron on each row has a cheat code...I got all of these codes by just getting the Holocrons and finding out for myself (which honestly was alot more fun and challenging than just looking them up...I did TRY to look some up, but since I got the game early, there were none on the internet).

Anyways, I can 100% verify that ALL of the codes listed at the top work for the Wii...I have heard that other systems have different codes, but I can not verify this...All in all, alot of people are disapointed with this game and the cheat code thing, but I think it is amazing being able to find all that hidden stuff...Plus on the Wii, there is Dual Mode, where you can fight each other in a 2 player mode, which is honestly one of the coolest things about the game...I heard that they did not do this for the other systems, so if they did not, they should have.

Also, if anyone has any other secrets for this game, I would love to know...I have gotten all the saber hilts, all the color crystals, all the Holocrons, pretty much everything it seems...So I would love to know there is more to the game...Not that I think the game needs more, but would definately be sweet if it did have more to it.

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