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1. First there is way more combos than god of war 1 and 2 combined . end of story. If you want I can make the whole possible combos of the two games and compare it to TFU wich have way wayyyyyyy more combos.

No tool you say , You can use your environement even the enemie himself to make combos , unlike GoW you got powers that can eventually be part of the combo.

2.the square square square then triangle in god of war destroy every single enemie of the game , make it pointless to use something els than that one.

3.First , if you did play on wii on easy difficulty I dont even know why i'm arguing with you , if you have a ps3 or 360 then play it on Master sith wich is a 1000 time harder than the God of war / Spartan difficulty of GoW.Mixing combos againts different type of enemie and enemy priority is way more vaste than the GoW one .
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