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Originally Posted by DarthZayne View Post
1. First there is way more combos than god of war 1 and 2 combined . end of story. If you want I can make the whole possible combos of the two games and compare it to TFU wich have way wayyyyyyy more combos.
Fine. Write down the list of combos, then. Because I can see the "huge" list containing just a few.

No tool you say , You can use your environement even the enemie himself to make combos , unlike GoW you got powers that can eventually be part of the combo.
Only if we restrict ourselves to quickly pushing or storming after some slashings. For holding something on the scenario and throwing it on your enemy doesn't count as a combos as far as I'm aware, since it breaks the pace.

2.the square square square then triangle in god of war destroy every single enemie of the game , make it pointless to use something els than that one.
Does it?

Can you kill a minotaur with this combo? A gorgon?

The fact that most (not "every one") combos can be used to damage your enemies, doesn't mean that that's the most efficient course of action.

3.First , if you did play on wii on easy difficulty I dont even know why i'm arguing with you , if you have a ps3 or 360 then play it on Master sith wich is a 1000 time harder than the God of war / Spartan difficulty of GoW.Mixing combos againts different type of enemie and enemy priority is way more vaste than the GoW one .
Well, if the Sith Lord (Master Sith?) difficulty is harder than the Spartan, on GoW, what about it? The Spartan isn't even the hardest mode anyway. I take you meant God/Titan.

And no, I haven't found it to be harder. For me, TFU didn't even managed to scratch the surface of GoW on this aspect.


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