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I never said that Wargod and spartan wer the hardess , since spartan as default is the hardess you kinda need to beat the game first at spartan to unlock Titan.I said that to compare the equal , next time ill say GOD VS MASTER SITH.

serriously I dont belive you tried Master sith because your making no sensse.

Oh Yes you can kill a minotaur with that combo but you wont receive the health orbs because you didn't finished him with a QTE . you just have too miss your 3 first attack , not on the minotaur because he will block , then hit triangle in the right time its also work on gordon , thanks you.

And yeah griping a enemie wich is on ground is part of a combo even if its break the pace I'm sorry.

Example Sith flurry to a maximum of pause then circle then square then circle again that will leave the enemy on the ground and make alot of damage so you can finishing him up by griping him and trowing him around because that not blockable since his defensless , please go read the combo definition , "continuous attack that cannot be blocked or been avoided".
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