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Originally Posted by DarthZayne View Post
1. first about the respawn , its the same ***** system in god of war , you die you respawn at the last save point and you have the option to lower the difficulty . that the only difference.
No, it's not the sole difference. The enemies you killed stay dead even after your ressurrction at a checkpoint.

"In fighting games, combo specifically indicates a timed sequence of moves which produce a cohesive series of hits. The combo requires that an initial hit connects. This hit is then followed by an often predetermined sequence of other hits, each of which leaves the opponent unable or almost unable to block or otherwise avoid the following hit(s) in the sequence. Depending on the game design, a combo can have a final".
Thank you for corroborating, that just proves what I said.

3. I use that combo againts minotaur in God (gow1) and Titan (gow2) because its safer Your argument still make no sensse. ( and it does tons of AoE damage.)
Yours is the one that's not making much sense at all. You use it because it's "safer"? And on the God/Titan modes? I'm sorry, but if your strategy resumes to that you'd get killed after leaving the hydras incident (GoW1) or Rhodes (GoW2). That leads me to believe you haven't gone too far on either GoW games.

And BTW you said that you using the sith seeker move, that ain't in the 360 and PS3 version of the game so your playing it on Wii or ps2 or psp since you dont want to tell us wich version your playing .
I actually own both the PS2 and 360 versions. The issue is more grave on the PS2, but the other version isn't too far away.

Since you do not have any good argument and you cannot prove anything , I'm done with you.
Oh yeah, because you have, right?

Originally Posted by Master Sanders
i dont think the Wii version even has different difficulties...i have beaten it a few times and dont remember any difficulty settings...
Well, I can't tell for the Wii version, but the PS2 sure has difficulties to chose from. I believe you don't see them because you chose to restart the game with the powers and items you acquired on the previous playthrough.


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