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Star Wars: Lost Heaven

Alright. This is the prologue to another 100 chapter fanfic. This one stemmed out of a mod I found for Kotor which replaced the main character with several alien species. Along with dozens of other mods I had in TSL

As with all my fics this one is a narrative and frame story

Star Wars Lost Heaven

It is a time of relaxation for the galaxy. 11 months after the second activation of the Mass Shadow Generator.

The JEDI EXILE has returned from her selfless attempt to follow REVAN into the Unknown Regions. However unable to find him the Exile decides to rebuild the JEDI ACADEMY.

However. The dark clouds of the force swirl together again. Comes a tale of redemption through the stars above...


3,950 BBY

The Coruscant sun finally rose up in the horizon as the planet woke up again. Most of the occupants were already awake from the night before, while the rest chose to sleep in. The wet drizzling rain from the day before was still dripping from the rooftops of the large skyscrapers.

One particular building was dripping far more then any others. One window had dark brown shutters that were now open. The sunlight pored into the room, giving cheer to the hearts of whoever would be inside.

The man behind the desk was an old human. He appeared to be in his late 50's. Sporting dark grey hair and a black goatee. His eyes were dark brown which seemed to be the only color in his face. He had large noticeable wrinkles all around his eyes and cheeks. This man appeared to have worked for quite a while at this very same desk.

The man looked over a datapad in front of him listed various dossiers of different people throughout the galaxy and their whereabouts. One particular entry listed no name on it. Instead it featured a species


Suddenly there was a sharp noise from a device on the corner of his desk. He quickly pressed a button on his datapad to switch the noise off. As he did that a cool female's voice came through.

"Sir. He's here." She said through the intercom. The man responded. "Send him in."

Suddenly a male Selkath was then brought in by two humans into the office. The Selkath had a very grim expression on his face, lines of what appeared to be fatigue ran down from his eyes to his mouth. He wore a dark black smuggler's jacket and dark blue pants which had black boots. The Selkath grudgingly sat down at the desk of the old man. He quickly motioned to the two humans who immediately left the office.

"Quite a file you have here." The man said towards the Selkath. The Selkath however didn't respond to him.

"Let me see here. Quite a file, quite a file." He said as he flicked through the Selkath's dossier. "But on the other hand it doesn't list your name. Can you please give it to me?" The man asked him, looking up. However the Selkath merely shook his head

"I can't give you my name" The Selkath responded in his native gurgling language. The man behind the desk merely sighed and placed his face into his hands slightly.

"Well we have all day here until you tell me who killed this..." The man slowly went through his datapad until another name came up. "... Rendar Ruth person." He said concentrating on the name.

"I could tell you. But then you would ask me several more questions. So I think it is better if I start from the beginning." The Selkath said relaxing in the chair.

"Alright. Just tell me when this whole business with this Rendar person started and why you were there with your companions. Don't think we haven't questioned them as well.

"Alright. It all started... I think about 5 months ago. Way back on Manaan..."

To be continued

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